Where others reach their limits...

Where others reach their limits…

BW uses the quill and defies gravity. This type of stationary work spindle is always in use when it comes to machining of particularly difficult inner contours. Thanks to the length and sag compensation, we can play a trick on gravity. Tools up to 15 kg weight are precisely compensated on the entire quill stroke of 1.000 mm – no sagging is measurable. In addition to this, as for BW-standard, tools with a weight of up to 75 kg and 150 Nm tilting moment can be inserted into the quill.

A special technical highlight is the quill diameter of 160 mm, which enables the use of flat face tools with a diameter of 160 mm as well as a maximum quill stroke of 1.000 mm. This is at the same time a BW in-house design, which is approved over several decades.

The quill spindle is the right alternative when too many long tools have to be used, or when the traditionally highly proven BW-tool extension is not sufficient. Considering the particularly low-vibration in machining and the resulting improved tool life, the areas of application range from gearbox housings to planetary carriers, which are used in wind power plants. Just wherever it is about large and long work pieces or work pieces where you have to move close to interfering contours.

The quill in combination with a further developed full-hydrostatically mounted NC-table providing a maximum pallet size of 2.000 x 3.000 mm and 40 tons of work piece weight redefines the cross bed design in large machining centre construction.

The large travel distances and travel weights also present an additional design challenge for accuracy requirements of a BW machine.

Learn more about the quill – the standard element of BW’s modular system and grab your “customized” quotation – just as you expect from a real BW construction.